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Dr. Rachel Hemphill, DACM, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., FABORM

I came to Rachel with intense TMJ pain and headaches, as well as digestive issues. She took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle, work schedule, etc and devised the best possible plan for me.
Rachel Hemphill is a licensed acupuncturist with the state of California and is nationally certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. As a child, she was drawn to Chinese Medicine after being captivated by stories about her great aunt in China, who practiced acupuncture.

Rachel received her Master’s of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Linguistics and Chemistry from New York University. Rachel is a board-certified fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and has an integrative healthcare background. Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Rachel worked at Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals where she was responsible for safety reporting to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Rachel is a provider for Integrative Fertility. She provides IVF/IUI acupuncture at Pacific Fertility Center, UCSF Fertility Center, Laurel Fertility Care and other Bay Area fertility clinics.

Her clinical experience includes rotations at The Jewish Home for the Aged, The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, the ACTCM Community Clinic and the ACTCM Auricular Clinic. She also completed an extensive clinical training program at the Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, which included rotations in internal medicine, neurology, pain management, gynecology, gastrointestinal disorders, and oncology. For five years, Rachel trained intensively with renowned fertility expert, Dr. Lifang Liang. Rachel has also studied under Raven Lang, one of the first home birth midwives in California.

Outside of the world of Chinese medicine, Rachel enjoys comedy, spin class, and all types of baking involving chocolate.

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