The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic


The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, located in Downtown Oakland, provides free integrative cancer care to low income women. Danielle Boucher, L.Ac., joins a group of volunteer staff to support these women through acupuncture, herbal medicine and a variety of other modalities. With very few full time staff members, volunteers are their practitioners, shift supervisors, support staff, drivers and translators.

The clients at Charlotte Maxwell receive supportive treatments and some much needed relaxation. Acupuncture is widely accepted as an adjunct treatment for cancer patients; many studies have shown its efficacy in treating the side effects of cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, etc) such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and hot flashes, to name a few. The National Cancer Institute outlines some of the benefits of acupuncture for cancer patients here. At the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic the acupuncture treatments are mainly focused on improving energy, sleep and digestion, regulating body temperature and relieving pain, especially from neuropathy.

To learn more about the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, including volunteer and donation information, please click here to be directed to their website.

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