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"A true healer, Rachel practices her scholarly knowledge of Chinese medicine with compassion and wisdom. She is an expert diagnostician, carefully observing and listening to every detail. Her treatments are gentle, yet very effective. I always leave feeling amazing, and the good effects of her treatments last for days. Highly recommended."

- J.P.

"This has been my first time taking acupuncture, and I just can say thanks for the benefit and thanks to Rachel who has helped me to get better. I had a really bad lower pain and was up to the point I barely could walk. A friend of mine recommend to take acupuncture treatment, and nowadays I feel 90% better of how I was, and I still keep taking this great treatment. Thanks!"

- B.A

"We started going to acupuncture because we were having fertility problems. Under Rachel's care we fell pregnant. I continued to see her throughout the pregnancy. Our son is happy and healthy and I know she was a big part of that. She is naturally gifted and very skilled therapist and just knows the right thing to say or do to make you feel better. I always look forward to my weekly treatments and chats with her. She is awesome!"

- P.T

  •   My husband and I had unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby. A friend of mine suggested seeing Rachel before investing the money required for IVF. I was a little skeptical about using acupuncture as a way to conceive, but after doing some research I figured it couldn't hurt.

    I scheduled an appointment with Rachel using her online calendar. It was super easy to navigate and showed her available days and times. I filled out her new client questionnaire to the best of my ability.

    The very first appointment I had with Rachel I felt at ease. She asked my husband and I questions to better understand our history and medical background. It felt like I was talking to a friend. She did a great job listening, took notes, and offered suggestions.

    When the treatment began, she was professional. She told me what needles were going where and why. I had never had acupuncture before so I was definitely nervous about the pain. Surprisingly, I didn't feel it nearly as much as I thought it would. Rachel made sure the room temperature was comfortable and left a call button near my hand if I needed her at any point in time. From there, I got to relax for 30 minutes.

    I saw Rachel for about a year, sometimes monthly, and sometimes weekly. She not only helped with my infertility, but she also helped my migraines, tension headaches, and cold symptoms. Her expertise and knowledge are top notch and I miss talking to her on a routine basis. I would highly recommend her to any one...and I have!

    thumb Tiffaney L.

      Rachel is the absolute best. I have seen her for a variety of fertility and pregnancy related reasons since 2018. She cares about her patients in a very personal way, she remembers important details, she never makes you feel rushed and was always patient with my million questions. She helped me through an exhausted third trimester, followed by a full term loss and c section recovery and then prepared me for an egg retrieval and successful embryo transfer. Her insight and knowledge kept me grounded and feeling hopeful.
    Her business is also run extremely professionally. It is so easy to book and change appointments and her office is very clean and feels very covid safe. I would (and do!) recommend her to anyone looking for the services she offers.

    thumb Emily B.

      This review is way overdue and I wish I could give Rachel and Ursula 100 stars! I highly recommend City Pulse Acupuncture for women who are trying to conceive.
    I tried to get pregnant for 3.5 years and have been a client for the last 2 years. Rachel has worked with different aspects of my health (from anxiety, to stress and keeping a focus on my fertility). I had appointments at a fertility clinic, and the day before I was suppose to start on medication, I found out I was pregnant naturally. Rachel never let me lose hope! She is very thorough, knowlegeable, kind and compassionate. She would prescribe vitamins and supplements to help with the process and even recommend dieticians specialized in fertility (always at my request. She NEVER tries to push any services or products on you).
    And Ursula is THE BEST massage therapist! She helped me with pain in my body and relaxation before and throughout pregnancy.
    I'm now a mother to a beautiful 3 months baby boy!
    I'll be forever thankful to Rachel and Ursula!

    thumb Laura O.
  •   I cannot say enough amazing things about Rachel.

    I started visiting Rachel on recommendation from a friend when my husband and I were having trouble conceiving. In addition to my acupuncture treatments, Rachel was a tremendous source of knowledge and support throughout our journey. After a couple months of treatment, Rachel recommended at home hormone and sperm testing that ultimately guided our decision to seek treatment from an IVF clinic. From there, she provided recommendations for specialists we needed to see along with the fertility clinic we ended up working with. I continued to see Rachel throughout our IVF journey and pregnancy, relying on her beyond treatments to help answer questions and provide additional guidance on what we could expect.

    I am so happy to share that we welcomed a healthy and happy baby girl to our family in early March.

    Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable, always honest, warm, compassionate, and an absolute gem to work with. We give a lot of credit to Rachel for helping us navigate infertility and grow our family. I highly recommend going to see Rachel - we're eternally grateful for her help.

    thumb Jessica B.

      Where do I even begin? I had been trying to conceive for over a year, had gone to other acupuncturists, and also diving into IVF at the same time. Once I had my first consultation with Rachel, I knew she was "the one". Ever since, she has taken care to truly listen to my needs, provided me with a wealth of knowledge on all things fertility, and has the expert "needle touch" that was right for me (I've had experienced some aggressive pokers), and all with the best sense of humor. I ended up conceiving naturally and appreciated her flexibility in how she treated me with my changing needs. Through my pregnancy, she's worked on my sciatica, eczema, and overall soreness. And by the time I was close to labor, which was about 3 weeks ago, Rachel shared all of her expert tips on acupressure my partner can use to help me during labor, postnatal recommendations and recovery. 2 weeks ago, I went into labor and I kid you not - I felt stronger than ever, my partner helped immensely with the acupressure, and I was more connected to my body while pushing. This is my second pregnancy and I'm 4 years older than with my first. I would have never thought that my second would go smoother and better considering my "geriatric pregnancy". I'm recovering now and the time has been twice as fast as my first. I'm astounded.
    I can't thank rachel enough for being a critical partner for me in one of the most important journeys of my life creating another life.

    thumb Carol Y.

      I had such a great experience with Rachel, I feel compelled to share it! Rachel's acupuncture practice was recommended to me by a fertility counselor. Prior to coming, I was someone who was very skeptical of acupuncture. From day 1 in working with Rachel, my mind was totally changed. Her medical-minded approach and thorough knowledge of the bay area medical community was awesome. I got so much more than just acupuncture out of my appointments - she provided invaluable feedback on my kaiser dr appointments, nutrition recommendations and just general pregnancy moral support for me and my husband. It was so great having Rachel available to ask questions - she's super friendly and chatty, genuinely empathetic while also very science-y and smart.

    On the acupuncture itself - this was my 1st experience and I didn't find it painful at all. Rachel is very attentive to make sure you are comfortable.

    After a few weeks of working with Rachel, I got a positive pregnancy test! I don't think this would have happened so quickly without Rachel's advice and treatment. I learned so much more about my body and how to prep it for a baby from working with her. I've continued seeing Rachel into my 1st trimester and it's often been the only spot of relief from my high stress job. I'm going to come back to Rachel towards the end of my pregnancy to prep for labor.

    I'm so glad to have found such great medical support during this big journey and hope others can benefit from her resources too. Can't say this enough - if you are trying to conceive or are already in your pregnancy journey - you should work with Rachel!

    thumb Elliot W.
  •   Rachel is the kind of provider you want - she's professional, responsible, ethical, smart, responsive, and kind. Her business set up is also admirably efficient and client friendly. It's easy to book / reschedule appointments; you get email and text reminders if you want. Based on how she's been adjusting to all the pandemic craziness, you can tell she acts based on science and evidenced based recs. Really, two thumbs up. You'd be in great hands under Rachel's care.

    thumb Vio H.

      I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Rachel at City Pulse Acupuncture. I found her through yelp and other reviewers and hope my review will help people decide to give Rachel a try. I had a miscarriage after we moved here from NYC and Rachel helped w the recovery and healing process. We decided to do IVF and seeing Rachel throughout the process including a session the day of our embryo transfer was something I have zero regrets about. I highly recommend her services. She helped me throughout my journey post miscarriage, through IVF & pregnancy and now post partum as well. I had bad sciatica during pregnancy and the acupuncture really helped. I also have been to see her after the baby - specifically after taking both kids and holding my heavy baby for trick or treating for two hours solo in October - I was in a world of pain and Rachel helped with needles and cupping. Thank you Rachel!!!

    thumb Veronica L.

      Rachel is real when what you need is REAL. When you're afraid, unsure, skeptical, insecure and really feeling the weight of your hopes and fears all at once, her practice, intuition and humor are a tremendous support and relief. I knew nothing about acupuncture, but with Rachel, I didn't have to. She guided me and my partner through everything, and I felt safe asking her any and all the questions I had. Also, she makes me laugh. Sometimes you just need a space to laugh (and then relax with a treatment). All our sessions lead to recovering my well-being, rejuvenating my sense of self, cultivating new hope, and bringing my kiddo into the world. So, yes. Totally. Five stars.

    thumb Orange K.
Kat ChenKat Chen
16:08 28 Oct 22
Dr. Rachel is the best! I am not a fan of going to see the doctor but I look forward to each visit with Rachel at City Pulse Acupuncture. I feel welcome and completely at ease, always leaving with less stress.Rachel is attentive and tailors each visit to my personal needs. I especially love going in for Facial Rejuvenation whether Facial Gua Sha, Facial Acupuncture or Microneedling. My skin has become noticeably healthier with more elasticity and radiance after 3+ years of treatments under Rachel's care. I am able to use less makeup these days because of these treatments and incorporating TCM practices into my lifestyle. I look forward to growing older and loving my skin even more with City Pulse Acupuncture!Like the others, I cannot recommend Dr. Rachel enough. Please make time for a consult with Dr. Rachel, your mind and body will love you for it.
Aarti ShahaniAarti Shahani
18:46 02 Sep 22
I am listening to my baby boy giggle away and so grateful to Rachel. He is here, thanks to her. If you need help getting pregnant or staying pregnant, I cannot recommend Rachel strongly enough. I routinely refer my girlfriends to her. She is honest, direct and VERY good at making dreams come true.Details: I am 42 years old. My partner and I tried to get pregnant for a few months but could not. My OB told me that I am old and should explore IVF. Rachel thought otherwise. She reviewed the labs for me and my partner. She pointed out that we have very high egg and sperm counts, respectively. She also noticed my thyroid was borderline, which is fine most times but absolutely NOT ok when you are trying to conceive. Rachel gave me statistically significant studies to educate my OB about hypothyroidism and fertility. And Rachel suggested I request thyroid meds, which I did.Four months later, with Rachel’s regular treatment + thyroid meds, I became pregnant. Rachel continued her treatment through my pregnancy. While my OB was generally unavailable and distant, Rachel was easy to reach and full of knowledge. She helped me navigate each trimester and fielded my anxious questions.I ended up having a very healthy pregnancy (no diabetes, no preeclampsia, etc) and a vaginal delivery. Again, I am 42 and the OB assumed I needed IVF.Rachel is a wonderful combo of brains + heart. She combines her practice of acupuncture with a deep working knowledge of Western medicine. Her wedding of the two makes her stand out. Also, her bedside manner is excellent β€” which really matters when you are going through such a stressful experience.Rachel made my pregnancy journey downright joyful. I would say more, but I need to go play with my son. Good luck!
Ashley GarverAshley Garver
17:10 14 Dec 20
A dear friend referred me to Dr. Rachel Hemphill and I could not have been more grateful for this recommendation. At the time my partner and I were trying to conceive, we had been for 3 months and I was looking for additional support through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Not only is Dr. Rachel knowledgable and professional in her work, she is also very attentive, thorough and relatable, a real joy to spend time with. After seeing Dr. Rachel just twice during the 4th month of us trying to conceive, we got a positive pregnancy test! I continued to see Dr. Rachel throughout my pregnancy to support a healthy pregnancy and any pregnancy symptoms (in my case poor circulation, aches/pains, and digestive issues. We ramped up the visits during the third trimester as is TCM protocol to support the softening of the cervix and overall getting my body ready for birth. We had a healthy baby girl and my body has been healing nicely postpartum. I enjoyed the womb warming postpartum visit as well and will definitely continue to see Dr. Rachel with my overall health needs. I would highly recommend any mama (and papa!) to be to see Dr. Rachel for conception support. TCM and acupuncture can complement western medicine nicely and Dr. Rachel is a prime example of how to work with your personal health needs. Thank you, Dr. Rachel!
Blakely BradleyBlakely Bradley
22:55 03 Jan 20
I absolutely adore Rachel and her fantastic practice. My partner and I arrived at her office after suffering a miscarriage that caused me to bleed for 3+ months. Kaiser had given me zero answers and lots of frustration. Rachel reviewed my blood test levels, supplements, etc. and narrowed down what I need to work on before trying to conceive again. I saw Rachel once a week for four months and fell naturally pregnant. We continued throughout my pregnancy and even in day 1 of my labor experience. I am now sitting here holding my 4-month-old baby πŸ™‚ Rachel has a calming demeanor and makes you feel very comfortable. She is so knowledgeable at her practice and really knows how to get results! Not to mention she has a beautiful office that is serene and conveniently located near BART. I urge you to have a consultation with Rachel and prioritize your health. We are forever grateful for this wonderful practice and Rachels encouraging personality and skill.
Andrea JangAndrea Jang
23:30 16 Jan 18
I have seen Rachel on and off for the past 5 years and every time I get a treatment from her I wonder why I don't go in more often! I have been suffering from pregnancy induced sciatica and after my treatment last week I was completely pain free πŸ™‚ The session was so relaxing I even fell asleep which is very rare for me in an acupuncture session. I also wanted to mention that Rachel has the most pain free technique for inserting the needles that I have ever experienced. The City Pulse office is also very soothing and welcoming. I will definitely be back soon!
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Stephanie Farmer
Stephanie Farmer
04:17 22 Feb 17
Rachel is amazing! She's dramatically helped my stress levels, tmj pain (when no other doctors or dentist could), and... has regulated my cycles. She's super sweet, professional, and more
Katie Little
Katie Little
06:10 11 Jan 17
Bremis Morever
Bremis Morever
05:49 16 Oct 15
Danny Smith
Danny Smith
02:41 31 Aug 15
I have been to several Acupuncture practices around the greater Bay Area as well as Orange County, yes there is many... excellent Acupuncturist locations. However in my opinion I feel City Pulse Acupuncture strongly stands out and holds the spot as my all time favorite Acupuncture practice which I have found. If you are into fitness, health, herbal medicine, nutritional knowledge, cupping, gua sha & moxibustion and you wish to do something advantageous and improving the way you feel & function I recommend treating yourself to City Pulse Acupuncture asap because you will not regret it. Thank you Rachel.

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