Limited In-Person Care and Remote Telehealth Video Visits

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking extensive measures to keep our patients, staff and the communities we serve safe.


Rachel is only treating established patients in the clinic on a case-by-case basis. If you are a new patient, please select “Telehealth/Virtual Consultations” and book an Initial Virtual Consultation. The Initial Virtual Consultation is a detailed review of your health history and discussion to create comprehensive treatment plan. After your Initial Virtual Consultation, you will be able to schedule a follow-up acupuncture appointment in our clinic.

  • We offer in-person visits for urgent acute and chronic conditions that cannot be treated remotely:
    • Must be low-risk patients: under 60 years old, with no active respiratory symptoms including coughing, and no underlying heart, lung, or immune conditions, who have practiced social distancing.
    • We are strictly following universal precaution and hygienic practice: mask, gloves, frequently disinfecting surfaces.
    • We ask all in-person patients to wash their hands before treatment.
    • Please be aware that all visitors will undergo screening.


We are now offering remote video visits for all patients. Remote visits are 20 or 60 minutes long and are completed via Jane or over the phone.

  • We offer remote telehealth video visits for:
    • Reproductive health/fertility cases: herbal, supplement, dietary, lifestyle recommendations.
    • Stress, anxiety, emotional health consultations
    • Immune health consultations: dietary, herbal, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations


Please email us at info@citypulseacupuncture or schedule online.


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